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learn to speak spanish, spanish classes, teaching spanish  
Are you planning to take Spanish classes? Try out the Spanish Institute of Puebla. The institute, equipped with the latest teaching methodologies, facilities and experienced professors, has been teaching Spanish language and culture successfully since 1984. Just book your seat and learn to speak Spanish at the institute. Very soon you will be able to master the listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. It is the only American-owned Spanish language school in Mexico. Click here to know more.

The institute has modern infrastructure that helps you learn to speak Spanish. Classrooms have air-conditioning, ergonomic adjustable chairs, overhead projectors and fluorescent lighting. The institute teaching Spanish has multimedia equipped computer lab with Pentium computers, latest software packages, pronunciation practice and vocabulary building programs, VCR/TV for watching Spanish movies, internet for research or e-mail. Video/projection room has the latest theater style audio system and a big screen TV. Student lounges helps students relax or study between, before or after Spanish classes.

Spanish classes are held in the morning and in the afternoon. Morning classes cover Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Pronunciation, Culture, Writing and much more. Teaching Spanish in the afternoon means one-on-one practice sessions. This is when students can practice grammar and vocabulary and practice conversation with a native speaker.

Puebla is among the best places where you can study Spanish culture. The city has elegant 17th and 18th century European architecture and art. The institute helps the students not only learn to speak Spanish, but also visit the tourist attractions, stay with a host family and learn about Spanish culture & values.

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